On this page, we are planning to describe the specifications of the instruments used to measure each type of data. Also, we will report when the instruments malfunctioned or changed location to explain possible incoherence of the data visualizations.


Locations: Kelsey Creek, Scotts Creek, Middle Creek

Meteorological Stations

Locations: Nice, North Lakeport, Big Valley Rancheria, Buckingham Point, Konocti Bay, Clearlake Oaks, Beakbane Island, Jago Bay (relocated to Beakbane Island in June 2020)

Lake Moorings

Locations: NR-02, LA-03, OA-04, UA-01, UA-06, UA-07 (discontinued on 6/15/2020), UA-08

Lake Profiles

Locations: NR-02, LA-03, OA-04, UA-01, UA-06, UA-07, UA-08