Clear Lake



UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) is engaged in a multi-year research study to understand the dominant processes in the Clear Lake watershed and within the lake itself that are negatively impacting the rehabilitation of lake water quality and ecosystem health. With funding provided by the California State Assembly, researchers are collecting a wide-variety of data to form the basis of a long-term monitoring strategy to measure status and trends in the future. A set of numerical models, calibrated and validated with these data, will be developed to inform local and State decision-making. Through partnerships and collaborations with local stakeholders and resource agencies, we aim to provide the science to guide better management of Clear Lake.

Since December 2018 TERC researchers have been collecting monitoring data throughout the Clear Lake watershed in order to better understand the dominant physical, chemical and biological processes controlling lake water quality. Stations have been established on the lake's primary tributaries to track inflowing surface water, around the lake's perimeter to measure lake surface water temperature and meteorological data, and within the lake itself to monitor lake mixing processes and sediment accumulation.

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